meal planning

Do you plan your menu for the week? If not, then I hope to inspire you to. Menu planning saves not only time, but money. Pick a day in the week that works best for you to get all of your groceries for the week and on the day or two before, make this an enjoyable time and grab some favorite cookbooks, favorite recipes you'd like to try, and get inspired. I like to go to the grocery store on Mondays. It ensures I have a full week of food for meals, my pantry stocked for my baking day, and the foods I need for big, breakfasts throughout the week. In my planner on Mondays, I have my goals for the day and next to it is my grocery list. I find, the easiest way is to list the days of the week, Monday through Sunday, writing next to each day of the week your dinner menus. If I am entertaining on any of those days, I plan on what I'll need for food or drinks in addition to regular dinner meals. I also plan several days of the week to make big breakfasts, such as pancakes, biscuits, eggs and bacon, or muffins and plan accordingly in my menu planning. Planning your meals keeps you organized, stocked, your family fed with homemade, delicious dinners and you will be stress-free.

So when your kids ask you, "What's for dinner?" You will actually know, and you even have them help you make it. It's simply...Planner Perfect!