Continued from...Planning for the 4th

Have you had a chance to plan your 4th of July, menu? This is how you create memories and traditions. Winging it will never do. Vision what you want it to look like, from the guests (even it it's just your immediate family), the menu that you would like to possibly make year-after-year, to create tradition, and what decor you might need. This challenges and stretches us to follow our own vision. Consider being able to plan and execute, a life skill. Because if done in all aspects of your life, will create a person living consciously... living life, rather than just existing.
For full menu is smoked ribs, coleslaw, panzanella, and for dessert...Barefoot Contessa's flag cake. Drinks for the kids is homemade rasberry, pink lemonade and a fruit sangria for adults.Look for my printable recipe's and photo's of my 4th of July, soon. I would love to hear about your 4th of July menu!