my best pizza secrets

Ahhh, pizza. 

Truly, a family favorite. 

My husband is who keeps me creating the best crust I can because of his love for the stuff. He just can't get enough. 

Every Friday is our pizza night. Hot, crispy, and chewy pizzas fresh off the pizza stone...pure heaven!

Here are some of my best pizza secrets from my years of perfecting:

#1. One of the fun ways to add some flavor to your crust is to add a tsp.of fresh or dried herbs, such as basil, oregano and thyme to your dough while it's mixing. I also put in a teaspoon or so of granulated garlic.

**Click here for my ultimate pizza crust recipe

#2. Another great tip is whether you're using a pizza stone or pan, after you roll out your dough and top with your favorite ingredients, brush olive oil over the crust and sprinkle with a small amount of cracked black pepper, kosher salt and a little granulated garlic. 

I keep a mixture of this 3-some in a cute little pinch bowl for occasions such as these. This layering of flavors will be your reward. Believe me! Your pizza crust will be a masterpiece in itself.

#3. Don't mess around with your pizza sauce. 

It will make or break your pizza. Check out my pizza sauce recipe. I think you'll love it. 

No quick can of tomato sauce will do. Gosh, NO! Put the can down. Step back, now. And quickly make some up yourself. Your pizza needs the best sauce.

#4. Use cornmeal when dusting your peel or pan. Keeps it from sticking quite nicely.

#5. Right before I put our pizzas in the oven, I sprinkle with a little dried parsley all over the top. It just pops the pizza with color!

Happy pizza making, friends!