double stuff oreo...stuffed in a chocolate chunk cookie

Oreo Double Stuff...stuffed in a chocolate chunk cookie? It's nuts isn't it? I found this on Becky Bakes.  
But I used my own cookie recipe and added a little more flour to make an even cakier cookie. These taste best when cooled; the Oreo cookie flavor comes bursting through, better! 

Click here for my ultimate chocolate chunk cookie recipe. Add 1/2 more flour to this recipe. To assemble:

Take one spoon size scoop of the cookie batter into your hand and place your Oreo on top. Add another scoop cookie dough on top of that. Completely cover the cookie making sure that you have just enough dough to cover. Any more and the cookie is too big. Place 6 spaced out on a cookie sheet and bake at 375 degrees for 12 minutes (or lightly browned). Let cool...enjoy! It is heaven!!

makes 2 dozen

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